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September 18, 2013 No Comments Technology admin

Digital Technology Benefit Individuals with Autism

Digital Technology innovation affects and touches the lives of almost everyone. However, you may not be aware that technological innovation can provide assistance and support to those with Autism and other cognitive or behavioral differences. I have recently read about the following:

In the News

National Public Radio (NPR), The Verge and other news agencies report that there are new promising jobs for adults with autism, often in high-tech related industries.

Tablets and Smart Devices

Amazingly, the creation of iPads, Android tablets and other smart devices and the development of targeted applications (apps) can provide training and awareness to individuals with Autism Spectrum disorders and other disorders with specific communication and social interaction deficit skills.

Check out the following applications in the news:

  • I came across an application for the invaluable MotivAider – a simple electronic device that vibrates at timed intervals to provide an individual with a private prompt to engage in a specific behavior.
  • reports about an application called Robo-Coach — Robo-Coach software that teaches social skills.
  • Huffington Post and report about a Google Glass application that unexpectedly can assist those that have difficulty reading facial expressions — a common challenge for those with Autistic Spectrum and other cognitive disorders.

How have you used technology to change your behavior? 


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