Solutions to keep loved ones safe who wander from the home

Solutions to keep loved ones safe who wander from the home
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Do you have a loved one who is at risk to wander? The following are tips to help keep them safe.

1) Vigilant supervision. It goes without saying…if they wander your loved one must be watched at all times. Constant supervision is a difficult task and the task can be eased if you recruit family, friends or trusted members of your community to provide you with respite once in a while.

2) Personalized ID bracelets. There are countless ID bracelets or shoe tags that are available for purchase with a quick google search. When selecting an item, consider the qualities of the item that would allow your loved one to tolerate leaving it on. For example, shoe tags are only useful if shoes are worn and some bracelets are scratchy.

3) Notify the police that a person prone to wander lives in the area. Provide the police with a picture of your loved one. Consider printing a business card with a photo, your loved ones name, your phone number and few helpful tips the police should know that will help them keep your loved ones safe and calm should they be found wandering in the community.

4) Home Security system. Have yo seen the new home security system that speaks or sounds a charm to let you know that a door or window has been opened. You may consider installing individual wireless door chimes instead of a whole house system.

What tips and suggestions might you share?




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