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The Yeas and Nays of Praise
Image January 19, 2017 ABA therapy,Adolescence,Autism,behavior management,behavior reduction,Education,Education tips,reinforcement Dana Affrunti

Praise. It’s one of the most important tools in any therapist’s toolbox. How we use it can shape the performance of the students you’re working with. I’ve been asked to share how to use this tool with you today.  General praise is effective to most students, but behavior specific praise has been proven the most

ABA: more than just table time
September 7, 2016 ABA therapy,Activities of Daily Living,Adolescence,Autism,behavior reduction,Choice Making,Daily Routines,skill acquisition,Social Skills admin

ABA therapy, is recognized as a safe, effective intervention for Autism. ABA is the acronym for Applied Behavior Analysis. Here are some skills some of our current clients are working on: * basic skills such as looking, listening and imitating, making choices * building language through simple requests, labeling and finding items or activities with

Got Problem Behavior? Teach New Skills
April 23, 2016 ABA therapy,behavior reduction,replacement behavior,skill acquisition admin

Sometimes when I say I’m a BCBA, the person I’m talking to will jokingly ask if I can make them or a family member stop some behavior.  It may be yelling, procrastination, overeating, or any number of things we humans do that interfere with the lives that we want. The answer, not surprisingly, is yes! Applied

Reinforcement gone wrong.
April 23, 2016 ABA therapy,ADD,ADHD,Autism,behavior management,bribe,Daily Routines,reinforcement,whining admin

We LOVE to reward our kids for good behavior and tell them how awesome they are. We love seeing them happy and calm. Sometimes give the learner a wanted item during or right after calm and happy behavior because we what that behavior to happen again. We LOVE calm, happy kids. But….sometimes we accidentally make

Find and teach the missing piece:
April 23, 2016 ABA therapy,Autism,Self Advocacy,Social Skills,Verbal Behavior admin

When a behavior analyst (BCBA) works with a ‪learner‬ and their ‪caregivers we ‪‎listen‬ to the ‪‎problem‬, we ‪observe‬ the ‪behavior‬ (including what comes before, during and after) to determine the ‪function‬ of that behavior then we offer ideas that may help resolve that behavior in the future. This week I met with a family

What is your body telling you?: Sensory Integration Part 1
April 23, 2016 Uncategorized admin

Lets begin with a straight forward definition of sensory integration. Sensory integration is how your body integrates and processes the different sensory information, or input, in a day to day setting across different environments. It is believed that some people’s sensory organs differently process this constant stream of information, and it affects daily functioning. This is commonly known as

A friend is….
September 29, 2015 ABA therapy,ADD,ADHD,Adolescence,Autism,Bullying,discrimination,Social Skills admin

A Friend is As we work on building social skills with adolescents we must not forget to include in that conversation ways to identify a person as a friend. The ability to discriminate these characteristics in others allows one to build lasting friendship as well as offers protection from individuals who may be bullies or

Bath Time: Struggles and Solutions
August 10, 2015 Activities of Daily Living,Autism,bath time,Choice Making,Daily Routines,Dementia,Sensory,Sensory Processing Disorder admin

Bathing is a sensory experience. Water coursing over skin, the pressure of water all around you when in a bathtub, the tickle and slight spray of soap bubbles as they pop, water drops dripping in mouths and eyes, the slippery sensation of soap, the smell of perfume in bath products, the sensation of a washcloth

What is a BCBA and RBT?
January 24, 2015 Uncategorized admin

Professionals in the field of behavior analysis and credentialed by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) are able to hold one of several different titles including BCBA-D, BCBA, BCaBA and RBT. A BCBA-D is a doctorate level provider while a BCBA (board certified behavior analyst) is a masters level provider. A BCaBA is a bachelor