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About Us!



Dana Affrunti, M.S. BCBA received her Bachelor’s Degree in 2006 from Hope College in Holland Michigan majoring in Biology and Psychology. She obtained a Masters Degree in 2009 from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in Behavior Analysis and Therapy with an emphasis in child and family services.

Dana has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2004. She began as a home therapist for children with autism spectrum disorders. Shortly after, she was afforded an intern position in the C.A.R.E. Program at Beaumont Hospital in Troy Michigan. During her graduate study she worked as a graduate assistant at Project 12-Ways under Dr. Brandon Greene. While working here, she provided in-home behavioral training to guide parents of families with an indicated history of child abuse and neglect towards better parenting practices. Since graduating, she has continued her work in the Central Illinois area working with adults and children & families.

As a behavior analyst, Dana is dedicated to the training of individuals, families and providers in scientifically sound, yet practical, learning and behavioral principles as well as designing and coordinating behavioral programs to improve the lives of individuals with behavioral and learning differences.

When not working with children and adults, Dana spends her time training dogs and romping in the great outdoors with her husband, three young children and canine companions .

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Dynamic Behavioral Services employs therapists who are engaging, talented, and professional. They come from a variety of backgrounds including psychology, early child hood education, special education and occupational therapy. We train all therapists in ABA methods and provide ongoing training and supervision per the BACB guidelines. Additionally, all new therapists are trained to the standards of the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credential. Our therapists are the backbone of our company and we appreciate all their hard work and determination!

      • Beliefs
      1. Ethical Practices: We accept as clients only those individuals whose exhibited behavior lies within our level of training, education and experience.
      2. Individualized Programming: We recognize that each learner is unique; therefore, we must develop individualized programs to meet each learner’s unique needs.
      3. Parental Input & Involvement: We believe the parental input and involvement are critical to a learner’s progress; therefore, we encourage parents to assume an active role in their learner’s program.
      4. Ongoing Training: We realize that learning to apply the principles of behavior is a long process; therefore, we provide ongoing training to strengthen these skills in our clients and seek continuing education opportunities for our staff.

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