A friend is….

A friend is….
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A Friend is

As we work on building social skills with adolescents we must not forget to include in that conversation ways to identify a person as a friend. The ability to discriminate these characteristics in others allows one to build lasting friendship as well as offers protection from individuals who may be bullies or have ulterior motives.

How should a friend treat you?

Tumblr- Inspire

Tumblr- Inspire

A friend is someone who:

  • improves you
  • is your equal
  • has similar interests as yours
  • you enjoy being around and who enjoys being around you.
  • you are relaxed with.
  • rarely ask you for favors and if they do ask a favor of you it is┬ánot harmful to yourself or others.
  • rarely, if ever, asks you to pay for something or to give them money.
  • invites you to get together as often as you invite them.
  • listens to what you say and respects your feelings.
  • does not force you to change your opinion or pressure you into doing something you disagree with.
  • is always kind to you and if they are not they will apologize and mean it.
  • enjoys talking about and celebrating your accomplishments just as much as they like talking about and celebrating their accomplishments.

What other points would you add to the list?

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